ZSU-23 Shielka

An Ultranationalsit ZSU-23-4 Shilka.

The ZSU-23-4 Shilka (also called the Zeus) is a mobile SPAAG produced in the Former USSR.

Overview Edit

Ingame the ZSU-23 is shown as being fairly maneuverable and is capable of medium speeds, while featuring medium level armor. It is armed with quad 2A7M 23mm anti-aircraft guns (ZU-23-2), although the upgraded Russian versions also equip an additional two 30mm mounted on the sides of the turret, along with SA-19 SAMs and more up-to-date radar systems. The ZSU-23-4 is shown being operated by the Militaries of Russia, Cuba, the DPRK, UMEF, Serbia, and the Ultranationalist. The Shilka is powerful against helicopters, UAVs, slower, low flying jets, along with being powerful against infantry, light buildings (such as a house or apartment), and light vehicles

Variants Edit

  • ZSU-23-2MZ Shilka - Regular version with quad 23mm autocannons and basic radar.
  • ZSU-23-4M6 Shilka - Improved Russian version with quad 23mm autocannons, duel 30mm AA-guns, and SAM missiles, along with enhanced radar systems, night vision and thermal vision equipment added, along with increased mobility.
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