VZ-61 Skorpion

An VZ-61 Skorpion.

VZ-61A Skorpion

A Vz-61A Skorpion.

The Skorpion is a Czechoslovakian made Submachine Gun.

Modern Combat Edit

The Vz-61 Skorpion is used by multiple factions ingame, including the Russians, Ultranationalist, Serbians, Cubans, and the various factions from the Holy Islamic Empire. It features a twenty round magazine by default, but can be equipped with extended mags, giving it a thirty round magazine. It features medium recoil, medium-low damage, and low penetration. It appears in the Compact-SMG/machine-pistol weapon category, allowing it to be used as a sidearm. It features semi and fully automatic as its firemodes.

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