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The VDV is the a military branch in the Military of the Russian Federation.They were first formed before World War II, the force undertook two significant airborne operations and a number of smaller jumps during the war and for many years after 1945 was the largest airborne force in the world.

VDV (Russian Airborn Forces)
[[VDV 1.png|250px]]
The emblem of the VDV.


Russian Federation


Airborn Forces


Premier Antoly Berkov

Colonel Irina Morozova


Никто, кроме нас (Nobody but us)


World War III

  • Invasion of the US West Coast
  • Invasion of the US East Coast
  • Battle of Washington DC
  • Battle for Oakton, Virginia
  • Battle for New York City
  • Capturing of Port Valdeez, Alaska
  • Invasion of Continental Europe
  • Second Battle of Berlin
  • Battle for Paris
  • Battle for Hamburg
  • Invasion of the Middle East
  • Battle for Tehran
  • Battle for Qom
  • Battle for Mashad

Varrious other battles

Modern Assault[]

In Warfare of Annihilation: Modern Assault, the VDV appear in many of the levels, as enemy forces. When compared to the regular Russian Army troopers, the VDV are better trained. They take cover more often, have higher accuracy, quicker response times, and will dive and roll to avoid being shot. In several levels the VDV can be seen parachuting into combat. The VDV are notable because of their tan\brown camouflage uniforms, along with the fact that some of them wear sky blue berets, and many of them also wear gas masks or balaclavas.

Global Conquest[]

In Warfare of Annihilation: Global Conquest, the VDV appear in several support powers for the various Russian factions, deploying paratroopers, BMDs, and jeeps out of Antonov An-124s. They also appear as a subfaction within the Russian Military, with their own unique units and structures.