A UAZ-469 jeep with woodland camoflage.

The UAZ-469 is a light off road vehicle built in the Soviet Union/Russian Federation.

Modern Combat Edit

Ingame the UAZ appears fairly frequently. It is used by the Militaries of Russia, Cuba, Korea, Serbia, and the U.M.E.F./H.I.E. factions, and the Ultranationalist. It is shown as being fairly fast and maneuverable, but poorly armored. The UAZ jeep comes in a variety of variants, some with a soft top, others with a hard top, and some don't even have a roof. The UAZ-469 can appear with a variety of armaments, ranging from being unarmed to mounting a PKM, DShK or KORD, and even AGS-30 grenade launchers.

Global Conquest Edit

Ingame the UAZ jeep appears used by the Russian Army and Spetsnaz, along with Serbia, Cuba, Korea, and the Ultranationalist. The H.I.E. also operates the UAZ. It starts out armed with a PKM, but upgrades to use a more powerful KORD.

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