An Ultranationalist technical armed with a DShK HMG.

The Technical is an improvised combat vehicle,often built from a pickup truck.

Modern Combat Edit

Ingame, the Technical appears used by the Holy Islamic Empire's various insurgency groups/factions, along with the Freedom Fighters, and Ultranationalist. They appear armed with either 12.7mm DShKM or NSV machine guns, the .50 caliber M2 Browning, along with occasionally mounting the SPG-9 recoilless rifle. The passenger operates a mounted PKM, along with having access to their own personal weapons and equipment. The technical is fairly fast, but features light armor.

Global Conquest Edit

Ingame the technical appears used by the HIE's Insurgent subfaction, along with the World Socialist Coalition Ultranationalist faction. It appears armed with a PKM by default, but can be upgraded to feature a more powerful DShK instead. It can be garrisoned with certain infantry units that operate in smaller squads. It can also be upgraded with add-on armor, and a more powerful (salvaged) engine.

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