9P117 SCUD-B

The Scud-B Missile Launcher.

The Scud is a set of tactical ballistic missiles developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Warfare of Annihilation: Global ConquestEdit

Ingame, the Scud Missile system functions as a long-range artillery unit that launch missiles with chemical warheads, which cause a large, violent explosion, while releasing toxic chemicals into the air. The Scud can be upgraded to have small amounts of napalm in the warheads which cause extra burning damage. The Scud can only attack units/structures from at least a certain distance away (meaning that it can't engage targets at close range). Its warheads can decimate any target on the ground, and can outrange most base-defences, but is extremely vulnerable to any sort of aircraft, along with units that are too close for the Scud to attack.

Variants Edit

  • Scud-B - Original version. Operated by the Militaries of Cuba, Korea, and the Ultranationalist, along with several of the UMEF factions. It features high range, medium accuracy, medium-high missile speed, and fairly high damage.
  • Scud-E - Modern Variant operated by the Military of Russia. It features enhanced range, accuracy, flies faster, and deals out more damage.
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