The Russian Federation is the World's largest nation. It occupies land in both Europe and Asia. Russia has vast resources, including oil and diamonds.
250px-Flag of Russia svg

The flag of the Russian Federation.

World War IIIEdit

By the time of World War Three, the Russian people are shown as having elected multiple Ultranationalist and Far-Right Political figures into office. Soon with the assistance of the military, the Ultranationalist were successful in launching a coup against the President and quickly eliminated most of their political opposition. Soon after, Russia enacted a policy of reclaiming her former territories. Very soon many nations of the former-USSR fell to Russia's might. Due to the effects of the Saudi-Persian War and the destruction of many oil producing facilities throughout the Middle East, Russian became the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas. With the resources gained from her new territories and the funding from massive oil profits, the Russian Military was able to quickly modernize and expand. To further bolster their strength, Russia entered several alliances including the Pan-Eurasiatic Defense Coalition and the Union of Independent States . The Russian military launches invasions of both the East and West Coast of the United States of America, along with invading though Alaska. The Russian Military also launches invasions of western Europe, Central America, and eventually into the Middle East, and North Africa.

Branches of Service Edit

The troops come from different branches of service, including:

  • Russian Army\Russian Ground Forces : The regular army that makes up the bulk of the Russian Military.
  • Spetsnaz : Elite, brutal troops who are veteran of many regional conflicts. They are some of the toughest, most elite troops on earth. The Forces of the Spetsnaz come from various elements of the Russian Military, Intelligence, and even elite police forces.
    Spetsnaz Logo

    The logo of the GRU Sptsnaz.

  • VDV : The Motherland's paratroopers, these are the leaders of an invasion.
  • MVD : Troops from the Ministry of the Interior, they are their Motherland's security force.
  • Russian Air Force : These are the forces responsible for maintaining Russian air superiority.
  • Russian Navy : The Navy is there to rule the waters(and the underwaters) for Russia, along with assisting the other branches in an invasion.

Characters Edit

  • Premier Antoly Berkov : The Russian Federation's second in command, he is notable for having a hatred towards the West and supported the War against America and NATO.
  • Colonel Viktor Daslovisk : The Russian Army's most brutal commander, he is willing to win at all cost and has no concern for human life, whatsoever, his tactics are slower moving, but relentless, numerous assaults with tanks, artillery, and gunships.
  • Colonel Irina Morozova : One of the Russian Air Force and VDV's most distinguished officers, she is known for her swift attacks with helicopters, jets, bombers, and paratroopers.
  • Sergeant Nikolai Malenkov : One of the best soldiers in the Russian Army, Sergeant Malenkov is courageous and intelligent. He is also very well liked by his own troops, gaining their respect quickly.

Arms and Equipment Edit

Small Arms


Submachine guns



  • AKS-74U
  • AK-12U
  • AK-12-9
  • 9A91

The AN-94, as is used by some Russian Soldiers.

Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles

Light Machine guns

Grenade\Rocket Launchers


Vehicles Edit

Light Vehicles



A BTR-90 Armored Personel Carrier.



Anti-Aircraft Weapon Systems

Command Vehicle* MAZ MZKT-645SArtillary

Attack Helicopters

Transport Helicopters

SU-34 Fullback

A SU-34 Fullback fighter-bomber.

Air-Superiority Fighter Jets

Strike Fighters

Ground Attack Jets

Transport Jets/Planes

Naval Craft

  • Oscar II
  • PT Gunboat
  • Project 1022
  • Project 22150
  • Project 820


Russian Army Woodland Soldiers

Russian Army Urban Soldiers

Russian Spetsnaz Woodland Infantry

Russian Spetsnaz Urban Infantry

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