An RPK-74 LMG with a standard 45 round magazine.

For a similar weapon in a different caliber, see the page RPK

The RPK-74 is a light machine gun produced in Russia.

Overview Edit

Ingame the RPK-74 is shown as an accurate, portable, machine gun capable of laying down suppressive fire on its targets. The RPK-74 features medium weapon recoil. It equips a 45 round magazine by default, but can be upgraded to use 60 round casket-type mags instead. It fires at a medium 700 rounds-per-minute and deals out fairly high damage at 40-30. It features medium bullet penetration and shares ammunition with many of the other assault rifles and machine guns. It appears used by many of the UMEF factions, along with several of the World Socialist Coalition's Militaries.

Variants Edit

  • RPK-74 - Regular version used by the Militaries of Cuba, Serbia, many Ultranationalist forces, and the various UMEF factions.
  • RPK-74M - Modernized variant used by the Russian Military, along with some Ultranationalist forces.
  • Type-88 SAW - DPRK's Military version.
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