The PPSh-41 is a World War II era submachine gun produced in the Soviet Union.

Forces of Honor Edit

Ingame the PPSh-41 appears as a fairly common weapon. It uses either 35 round stick magazines or 75 round drum magazines and has a rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute on full-auto or 1,150 with the rapid fire upgrade. The PPSh is devastating at close quarters, but suffers from heavy recoil. The PPSh appears being issued to the Soviet Red Army, Partisans, the Polish, and at times the Finnish and the Wehrmacht. The Wehrmacht uses a unique version of this weapon called the MP-717(r) which uses 32 round magazines and share ammo with the MP40 and the MP-18. The PPSh-41 appears being available to the "Officer", "Scout", "Commander", "Engineer", and "Light Assault" weapon kits.

The PPSh-41 outfitted with a 75 round drum magazine.

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