The PKP Pecheneg is a Russian built GPMG.

PKP Pecheneg
[[PKP Pecheneg|250px]]



Damage Multipliers

Head 2.5

Body - 1

Limbs - 1

Magazine Capacity

100 Rounds (Default)

200 Rounds (Extended Mags)

250 Rounds (Extended Mags)(Single Player)

Ammunition Capacity

100 + 300

200 + 200

250 + 250

Rate of Fire

750 Rounds Per Minute




High, Medium High

Used by

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Venezuela, Ultranationalist


Ingame the PKP is shown as one of the LMGs\GPMGs of the Venezuelan and Russian Militaries, along with being opperated by the Ultranationalist. The PKP does high damage and is slightly supperior to the older and similar PKM. The PKP features high bullet penetration, making it useful for urban warfare, but it excells in most other situation. the PKP is only avalable to the Support Class.

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