Nazi Germany, also known as the Third Reich, is the name commonly used to refer to Germany from January 1933 to July 1945, when the Nazi Party was the primary and single political and governmental party in Germany, led by the dictator Adolf Hitler.

The swastika flag as is used by the Third Reich.

Warfare of Annihilation: Forces of Honor Edit

Ingame, Nazi Germany appears as an antagonistic force, spawning several factions: The Wehrmacht, the Waffen SS, the Afrika Korps, and the Luftwaffe. They are encountered during the campaign in Europe, along with North Africa. The Germans are shown as being, for the most part, a well trained and equipped force.

Military Force Edit

Wehrmacht - Nazi Germany's armed forces.

  • Heer - The regular army of Germany
  • Feldgendarmerie - German Soldiers specialising in anti-partisan actions.
  • Afrika Korps - A specialised expeditionary force of the Wehrmacht.

Waffen SS - Hitler's elite political and military force.

Luftwaffe - Nazi Germany's Air Force.

  • Fallschirmjäger - Nazi Germany's airborne infantry forces.

Kriegsmarine - The German Navy.

Characters Edit

Arms and Equipment Edit

Small Arms Edit


  • Walther P38
  • Luger P08
  • Walther PPK
  • Sauer 38H
  • P-35
  • Mauser C-96


Submachine guns


Assault Rifles

  • MKb. 42(H)

Machine guns

  • MG-08
  • MG-34
  • MG26(t)

Sniper Rifles

  • Karabiner 98K (scoped)
  • Gewehr-41 (scoped)

Explosives and Grenades

  • Model 24 Stielhandgranate
  • Model 39 Eihandgranate
  • NG-39 Smoke Grenade
  • Satchel Charge
  • S-Mine

Vehicles Edit

Light Vehicles

  • Motorcycle
  • Kettrenkrad
  • Horch 1a
  • Kübelwagen
  • Schwimmwagen

Trucks/Halftracks Edit

  • Sd.Kfz. 7
  • Sd.Kfz.251 Hanomag

Armored Cars Edit

  • Sd.Kfz. 222

Tanks Edit

  • Panzer II
  • Panzer III

Self Propelled Guns/Self Propelled Artillery Edit

  • Sturmgeschutz
  • Marder II
  • Wespe


  • Panzerwefers

Fighter Planes/Jets

  • Bf. 109

Bombers/Transport Planes

Naval Craft

  • U-Boat
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