The M4A2 "Petraeus" is the US Military's newest IFV.

History Edit

It was designed to replace the M2/M3 Bradly series of IFV's. It was first designed in 2017, but there was enough money for its funding, however, in 2023 production of the M4A2 began (even though it really still was not be affordable).

Statistics Edit

The M4A2 appears with:

  • Armament - 30mm Autocannon/ Railgun

- 7.62x51mm M240C (co-axial)

- 12.7mm M2 Browning (anti-air)

- Quad FIM-92 Stinger Missiles

- Duel BGM-71 TOW Missiles

  • Weight - 29.3 Tons
  • Powerplant - 600HP Diesel Engine
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