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The M16 is a series of assault rifles that are produced in the United States of America.


Ingame there are several varients of the M16 rifle.


Ingame the M16A3 is shown being used by some American Assault class troops, but is not nearly as common as the M16A4. The M16A3 has the same stats as the M16A4 other than the fact that it c

An M16A3 as seen by default with the carry handle installed.

an't fire in burst mode, instead being semi and fully automatic with a 900 RPM rate of fire. The M16A3 also differs from the M16A4 in having slightly higher recoil, in how it looks, being fitted with a different forearm, along with the fact that the M16A3 mounts certain optics on top of the carry handle instead of removing it and the fact that it features a more greyish color scheme, compared to the M16A4 which is more black colored. The M16A4 is a reliable firearm ingame, and is fairly useful for CQC operations.


Ingame the M16A4 is the standard issue weapon for the USMC Assault kit. The M16A4 is shown being used by all the American Military factions, the USMC in particular. The M16A4 fires in semi automatic and three shot burst modes and is fed by thirty round magazines (40 rounds w/ extended mags). The M16A4 does 40-30 damage and has low recoil. It features medium bullet penetration and is overall an excellent firearm (particularly at range).

A M16A4 Carbine fitted with a carry handle as is by default.