Irina Morozova was a Colonel in the Russian Military, having considerable power with the Air Force and also with the VDV.

Irina Morozova




Armed Forces of theRussian Federation, particularly the VDV and Air Force.

Date of Birth

January 27, 1978

Date of Death





MP-443 Grach (Only seen in promotional material.)

Ingame Edit

Irina is known as a down to earth kind of person who is most loyal to her Motherland. She is feared by her enemies as she attacks with swift precision. Her assaults are almost always with aircraft as she is fond of deploying attack helicopters, gunships, and transport helicopters to the same place at the same time, the attack helicopters and gunships nutralize enemy forces while the transport helis and some of the gunships deploy troops. Oftentimes, she will send bombers to destry you, then depoly paratroopers to mop up any survivors. A tactic of hers that will quickly be realized is that she is a rusher, sending units out to kill the enemy as soon as she can.

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