The Gewehr-43 was a German semi-automatic rifle produced during World War II.

Forces of Honor Edit

Ingame the Gewehr 43 appears being used by the various German Military factions during the post 1944 levels, along with several of the 1943 levels. It equips a ten round magazine, does fairly high damage per-round, and is accurate at range. It appears available to the Rifleman and Elite-Rifleman kits as a choice for a primary weapon, and can be equipped with either a bayonet, rifle grenades, or an extended magazine. It also appears being available to the German Sniper and Marksman kits, with either a ZF-4, a ZF-40, a ZF-41, or a ZF-42 Scope. All kits can also choose to equip the Gewehr 43 with a match barrel, various special types of ammunition, and a muzzle break/flash suppressor.

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