An Ultranationalist BTR-60PB.

The BTR-60 is a 8x8 Soviet Armored Personnel Carrier.

Modern Combat Edit

Ingame the BTR-60 appears used by the HIE, Serbia, Cuba, Korea, and the Ultranationalist. The BTR is fully amphibious and features medium low armor. It should not be used against other IFV/APCs or tanks as it features no effective anti-armor weapons, unless an engineer is the passenger with a rocket launcher, which is still a dangerous tactic. The BTR can carry four passengers, along with the driver and gunner. The passengers can use their weapons through hatches on the sides of the vehicle.

Variants Edit

  • BTR60PB - Most common variant, armed with a 14.5mm KPVT and a 7.62x54mm PKT in its turret.
  • BTR-60PA - Variant armed with either a single 12.7mm DShK, a 30mm AGS-17, or a duel system with an AGS-17 and a 12.7 mm NSV.

Vietnam Edit

The BTR-60 appears ingame being used by the NVA. It performs exactly the same as in Modern Combat and comes in the BTR-60PB variant, along with the BTR-60PA with a DShK.

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