King of the Castle
German Shepards

Often times when in a war one side will bring in attack dogs to turn the tide. These dogs are often german shepards. these are used for the reason that they are easy to train and have the second hardest bite of a dog in the world. The german shepard is extremely loyal. Dogs are sometimes used because they will not betray the owner of the dog. A dog knows what it was trained to do and nothing more. In Warfare of Annihilation: Modern Combat the attack dogs can be called in for assistance by killing 12 enemies without dying. In Warfare of Annihilation: Global Conquest, the attack dogs are deployed in a pack of seven and arrive from off map, then they will charge to the position to where they are called, they can be commanded from the moment that they arrive on the map.

Trivia Edit

Dogs can vary, sometimes they will be a very calm dog, and sometimes they will be aggressive. The dogs are never small or tiny size they may be medium large or extra large (giant) breeds. When the dog attacks, it will likely kill the opponent its attacking. When most dogs attack they aim for the face and neck of an enemy. The aim is what is so deadly. The enemy will usually bleed to death and die within a few minutes.

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