The 2S25 Sprut is a light tank based on the BMD-3 chassis, but with a much larger 125mm smoothbore gun. It is meant to be a modern-day tank-destroyer much like the Stryker MGS used in the United States Army.

Warefare of Annihilation: Modern Combat Edit

Ingame, the 2S25 appears as the main "heavy" armor for the VDV. Compared to other tanks, it features less armor, but still has a powerful main gun. It has room for two players, the driver and a gunner. It is armed with one 125mm main gun. It is a fairly maneuverable vehicle too, allowing for it to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Warefare of Annihilation: Global Conquest Edit

Ingame, the 2S25 Sprut appears being used by the Russian Federation's VDV subfaction. The 2S25 is trained/built at the War Factory, and requires some, limited, technological research to be done before training. It cost 900c to produce and is notably weak for a tank.

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